Toprite Worktops Square Edged Worktops
Square edged and matching PP/ABS Edges

Square edged laminate worktops give a different look to a kitchen and can be more suitable where the kitchen has units with curved doors, stepped out feature units or a hob base with curved pan drawers. These design features work well with PP/ABS (2mm thick acrylic) edges which give a more durable finish than standard square laminate edges and a far superior appearance. A standard square laminate edge shows a very noticeable black line on the edge – the PP edging blends perfectly.

Square laminate edge (top) - Matching PP edge (below)

Many kitchens feature a large centre island with a curved unit at each corner and matching PP edging on laminate worktop is the most cost effective way to achieve a smart, quality finish. The maximum size worktop is 3000 x 1200mm. All radius corners can be manufactured to your specific size, so that the worktop matches exactly the units fitted underneath it.

We also offer a range of contrasting ABS edges which can be fitted to any of our laminate worktops. Some of these edges are available 60mm thick, so you have the opportunity of mixing and matching different thicknesses and finishes.

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