Toprite Worktops Getacore Joint Reinforcement
GetaCore® joint reinforcement strips

It is important to plan the joints in the worktop layout with care so that they can be fitted easily. In the joint kit, which is required for each worktop joint, is a 3mm thick reinforcement strip which is fitted along the length of each joint giving added strength to the finished installation. It is important that the final worktop to be fitted can be slid into position, to allow for the reinforcement strip. In layout '1' worktops 'A' and 'B' are fitted first and 'C' is slid into position from the right.

However in example '2', the 'U' shape layout surrounded by walls and this procedure cannot be followed. The solution is to have another joint so that worktop 'D' can be slid back into position.

GetaCore U shape drawing 1
GetaCore U shape drawing 2