Toprite Worktops How to order – full boards
How to order GetaCore worktops - full boards

In addition to the number worktops required for the installation you need to consider the following points and additional items that will be needed. All must be specified on your order – missing items can hold up the installation, so please make sure that you have not forgotten anything.

  • Specify the GetaCore worktop pattern name and/or code number
  • Indicate the width (front to back measurement of each worktop) of the worktops required. There is a choice of four sizes - 600mm, 635mm, 900mm and 1200mm.
  • Worktop sanding. Consider having your full boards factory sanded to save time on site. Standard full boards need to be fully sanded during installation and this will take several hours. State on your order if factory sanding is required.
  • How many joints do you have? Order the correct number of joint kits to suit the number of joints. As well as these kits, you will need one adhesive cartridge for every two joints up to 635mm deep.
  • Does your fitter have an adhesive cartridge gun? This must be used to successfully remove the adhesive cartridge. If in doubt, we recommend adding one to your order.
  • One sanding kit is required when your fitter is sanding the joints and, as a guide, allow one extra kit for each 4100 x 600/635 worktop to be site sanded.
  • All 4100mm full boards are factory edged on both ends and the 900mm and 1200mm sizes are also edged both front and back. (Click for GetaCore stock list to show the details). Make use of the factory return edges whenever possible and order extra adhesive and edgings for additional fabrication. One adhesive is required for each 1350mm edge strip. (Click for edging video)
  • We do not recommend trying to create radius curves and shapes on site – the result is nearly always unsatisfactory. We can supply the worktops with factory fabricated curves – it saves time and gives a perfect finish. Specify your radius size and position on the relevant worktop.
  • All joints must be at least 150mm away from any sink bowls, drainers or hob cut-outs.
  • Take care when deciding on the joint positions. To ensure that the special GetaCore reinforcement joint strips can be fitted in place, always make sure that the final worktop can be fitted by being slid into its final position. (Click for reinforcement strip information)
  • Hob cut-outs require a Hob Kit which includes special heat reflective tape to guard against heat damage.
  • Specify if any upstands, hob splashbacks, wall panels or window sill panels are required.
  • All GetaCore orders will be supplied with a moisture barrier kit (for protection of the underside of the worktop in the sink/dishwasher areas) free of charge.