Toprite Worktops How to order
How to order Corian Worktops

Initially, you will need to send a detailed drawing for a quotation. When the quote is accepted, your order needs to be placed in writing and specify when templating is required.

We realise that giving an exact templating date several weeks in advance is very difficult. Over many years of experience, we have found that if you tell us when you plan to start the kitchen installation and approximately how many days work that you have to do before being ready for templating, we can book in a templating window of a couple of days. For example, planned start of the kitchen fit on a Monday and templating Thursday/ Friday later that week. We will contact you to check your progress and we can finalise the exact date to suit nearer the time. If your proposed plans change, please contact us straight away. All templating must be booked well in advance – we are normally booking around 4-5 weeks ahead. We can sometimes fit in templating at shorter notice, but you will need to contact us and check. After placing your order, we will send a detailed confirmation. Installation is normally 5 – 10 working days after templating.

Corian® Templating

Before templating can take place all base units and end panels must be fitted and fixed and in their final positions. If this is not a brand new kitchen installation, any existing worktops, sinks or hobs must be removed – we cannot template with any of these in place.

Any appliance spaces greater than 600mm must have batons fixed to the back wall or end support panels to the floor. Our templater may need clarification of some details so it is essential that the customer is present, otherwise this may result in a delay to the installation. The sinks and any proposed appliances must be on site for our templater during his visit. Undermounted sinks supplied by the customer need to be taken for factory fitting to the worktop. Sometimes we may also need to take away the hob which is to be installed.

After templating, there can be no change to the layout and the units must not be moved. Any tiling or further plastering should be done after the worktop installation.

Free of charge temporary worktops

We can supply some temporary laminate worktops for use between templating and fitting of the Corian®. The temporary worktops need to be requested when your original order is placed and the templater will bring them with him. The worktops will be a selection of straight pieces, which will not be an exact fit and they will not be cut with joints but will provide some useful working space. The fitting of the temporary worktops is the responsibility of the customer and they must be fully removed prior to our installation of the new Corian, including the disconnection of any temporary sinks or hobs. There is no charge for the supply of the temporary worktops.

Corian® Installation

Please make sure that any temporary worktops are removed prior to the arrival of our installers. We only install the worktops with upstands and back panels, if applicable, and do not carry out any plumbing or electrical connections. The sanding process involved in the worktop installation can mean that there is still dust in the air for several hours after the completion of our work, consequently we do not use any silicone for sealing – this needs to be done by the kitchen fitter at a later date. It is essential that the customer is available to check the installation before our team leave.